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Foreign links ::

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You will find some links to the foreign flyfishing sites here. If you want to visit them, just click the picture and you will be redirected.

General links:

  • FlyFishing Point- the point for passionate flyfishers

  • Thai freshwater fishing- flyfishing in Thailand

  • Fly fishing club "Patak"- flyfishing club from Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Carelian Cane- Hans Lehikoinen Cane Rods

  • Brian O´Keefe Photography- great photos and photo essays by the editor of the Catch Magazine

  • Catch Magazine amazing fly fishing web magazine

  • Misija ribolov fly fishing in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Fly-Line Swiss flyfishing by Markus Rohrbach

  • Fly fishing in Slovenia- fly fishing in Slovenia from the Swedish perspective

  • Reel Backing- Fly fishing with Debbie

  • Flyfishing in Ireland

  • Rackelhanen Fly Fishing Magazine

  • International Fly Fishing by Gϋnter Feuerstein

  • On Fly Fishing Directory

  • Sexyloops- flyfishing knowledge base

  • Fliegefischer Forum- flyfishing internet magazine

  • Flyfishing Cracks- German flyfishing site

  • Fliegenfischer Portal- German flyfishing site

  • fliegenfischen im Salzburgerland

  • HI Line Fishing- flyfishing tackle, trips, ...

  • TroutLine Flytying- Romanian flyfishing site

  • Pale watery- Fly fishing in Scotland