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Rivers (updated for 2017) ::

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Top slovenian fly- fishing district... It has yet fascinate many fly- fishermen from around the world with its beauty and color. You may catch huge marble trouts, great graylings and rainbows here...MORE>

Tolminka flows into Soca river near Tolmin. It is a beautiful, clear fly- fishing water. It is so clean that you can drink it. It certainly is one of the most attractive fly- fishing districts in Slovenia, inhabited by marble and brown trout but also some grayling in lower part...MORE>

Baca is a first class fly- fishing river which flows into river Idrijca. Dry fly works perfectly most of the season. Large marble trouts, browns, rainbows and graylings might be cought here...MORE>




Nadiza, foto.:arhiv RD Tolmin

Idrijca is famous fly fishing district worldwide. Not just because its natural beauty and scenery but also for a great and strong fish. It is full of a beautiful brown trout in the upper part and trophy marble trout in lower parts...MORE>

Nature around Trebuscica river offers you an extremely peaceful fly- fishing experience. It is elite fly- fishing district which flows into Idrijca river. Dry fly or nymph fly- fishing will give you a pleasure by catching great browns, marble trouts and graylings...MORE>

Nadiza flows at the very west part of our country. It is a attractive river, great fly fishing district, especially for spring and automn fly- fishing...You may catch all kinds of trouts and grayling also...MORE>

Sava Bohinjka

Sava Dolinka


Lipan z Bohinjke,

Sava Bohinjka is one of the best fly- fishing rivers in Slovenia. It is a typical fast alpine river with lots of deep pools. It is an eden for every single fly- fisherman. You may catch large browns, graylings, rainbows, charrs and huchos in lower parts...MORE>

Sava Dolinka is also a typical fast alpine river. It flows into Sava together with Sava Bohinjka river. It is an outstanding fly- fishing district, where trophy grayling and beautiful brown trouts might be caught...MORE>

Sava offers a great fly- fishing pleasure in its upper part. Fish are big and strong, because there is a plenty of food in the water. It is inhabited by trophy graylings, rainbows, browns and huge huchos...MORE>




Krka, foto.:ZZRS
Unica, foto.:ZZRS

Radovna is one of the top fly- fishing districts in Slovenia. It is an alpine river with beautiful color and picturesque surroundings. Frequent takes, size of the fish and their beauty. You will experience all that here. Radovna is full of browns, charrs and rainbows...MORE>

Krka river is a typical chalkstream. It flows in central-eastern Slovenia. Its fame among fly- fishermen has begun since they found the beautiful genuine brown trout here. They can reach enormous size because of the richness of food in the water. You may catch rainbows and graylings also...MORE>

Unica is probably the most famous fly- fishing district in Slovenia. It is a chalkstream type of water which hides trophy graylings and browns in its depths. Famous Edgar Pitzenbauer once said Unica was one of his favourite rivers...MORE>




Savinja is an attractive alpine river. Fast, clean and bright with many deep pools and great fish. It flows through the fascinating Logarska valley. It is inhabited by large browns, trophy rainbows and graylings...MORE>

Dreta is an extremely beautiful river which flows into Savinja river. It is permitted to fly- fish the whole stream. If you are a keen dry fly user, you will be impressed by the fishing success. You will be able to catch all kinds of trout and grayling also...MORE>

Kolpa is a typical chalkstream river at the very south of our country. In the upper parts you may enjoy the views at the surrounding hills. There you may catch beautiful chalkstream browns and graylings, but there are also some trophy huchos in lower part...MORE>

Kamniska bistrica



Kamniska bistrica, foto.:L.Dakskobler
Iscica, foto.:ZZRS

Kamniska bistrica is a fast alpine river in the upper part but it slows down a little in a middle part. Both parts are an outstanding fly- fishing districts which are inhabited by browns, rainbows and graylings....MORE>

Iscica river is a chalkstream which flows through the Ljubljansko barje (marsh) near Ljubljana city, the capital of Slovenia. In its upper part it is inhabitted by trophy browns and graylings, but you can also catch some rainbows...MORE>

Iska is beautiful small river which has created great gorge through the centuries. It is an attractive fly- fishing location, especially for the spring and automn fly- fishing...It is inhabited by brown trouts and rainbows...MORE>

Trziska bistrica



Trziska bistrica is small but attractive fly- fishing river. It has created a famous Dovzanova gorge. Fishing this river might be extremely exciting, because it is inhabited by gorgeous browns and rainbows...MORE>

River Sora is a top fly- fishing river. Great color and huge natural fish are attractive facts for many fly- fishermen which try their luck at this river. You may catch a huge hucho, genuine natural browns, rainbows and trophy graylings....MORE>

River Kneza is a wonderful alpine river, which is born from the small creeks in Julian Alps. It is about 8 km long and it flows into the Baca river between the Kneza and Klavze villages. Water is extremely clean and clear with lots of small pools and rapids...MORE>




Radescica is a short and small chalkstream river which flows into river Krka. It is a fascinating fly- fishing district with lots of brown trouts and graylings. Dont be surprised about catching a trophy brown trout...MORE>

Kokra is typical alpine river in the upper part. With its deep pools and rapids it offers a great fly- fishing experience. It might happen that just you are going to be the one who�d catch a trophy grayling or huge brown trout...MORE>

The upper part of the Vipava river is an outstanding fishing territory. It is full of trouts and graylings in great sizes and shape. It is a chalkstream with beautiful greenish color...MORE>

Lake of Bohinj

Black lake (Pohorje hills)


Lake of Bohinj is the largest alpine lake in Slovenia.Place with its surroundings is extremely picturesque and beautiful ...and it offers a great fly- fishing also. Lake trouts are waiting for you. They grow to enormous size and weight so prepare your strongest rods...MORE>

Misterious and unspoilt. Black lake with its black color is a fascinating natural phenomena. If you need some peace, place for thinking about life or if you just enjoy the nature in whole its beauty, that is certainly the place for you. You may catch some natural and genuine brown trouts here...MORE>

With its vivid temperament this wonderful river vinds its way to the sea. It is full of beautiful deep pools, flows, rapids and cascades...With lots of bankside vegetation it provides the ideal hiding places for trouts, especially for the wild brown trouts...MORE>




Cerkniscica is a true jewel of the Notranjska region. This little and attractive chalk stream offers an outstanding fly fishing. Its banks hide genuine brown trouts, they are smaller in upper part of the river and larger in the lower part...MORE>

With its dark color, Reka river is a mysterious chalk stream beauty, which really offers a lot to the portalerman. You may experience great fishing there, especially in the late spring when dry fly hatch reaches its peak. Great brownies, marble trouts and their hybrids- they are all there...MORE>

Meza flows through the Koroska region and is full of great brown trouts, graylings and rainbows. It is divided in two districts, offering a lot to a portalermen...MORE>