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Vipava ::

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Fly- fishing at the Vipava river has a long history. Many fly- fishermen come to this fascinating fly- fishing district every year. Vipava is a beautiful greenish colored chalkstream river with plenty of food in the water and with great strong fish.

Fish: trophy rainbows, brown and marble trouts, hybrid trouts and graylings. You can fly- fish in the Hubelj creek also. Both are managed by the [1] Fishing club of Ajdovščina. The lower part [2] of the Vipava river is managed by the Fishing club of Renče.

[1] Vipava (RD Ajdovščina)

Flyfishing season from 01.04. - 31.10.

Vipava in its upper part satisfies even the most demanding flyfishermen. Rapids, pocket water, pools under the overgrown river banks give home to the genuine endemic marble trouts, graylings and rainbows also. There are two flyfishing districts at this part of water-
Vipava from the old bridge in the Vipava town to the dam in Kasovlje.
From the highway bridge over the Hubelj to the confluence of Hublja with Vipava river./span>

Types of fly-fishing licences:

Daily licence for Vipava and Hubelj:

You may buy fishing licences here:
RD Ajdovščina
Vilharjeva ul. 40, 5270 Ajdovščina
Tel.: (05) 366 39 48

Petrol Bencinski servis Vipava
Goriška c. 40,
5271 Vipava
Tel.: (05) 366 52 17
Petrol Bencinski servis Šturje
Vipavska c. NN,
Ajdovščina 5270
Tovarniška 4a,
Ajdovščina 5270

[2] Vipava (RD Renče)

Flyfishing season from 01.04. - 31.10.

Fishing Club of Renče manages the Vipava river from the dam in Kasovlje to the place Otok in Batuje, flyfishing part is divided in two districts:
from the dam in Kasovlje to the flow of an old river-bed into the Vipava river.
from the flow of an old river bed into the Vipava river to the place Otok at Batuje.

Types of fly-fishing licences:
Vipava(with "catch and release" part)- you must release fish everywhere you fish!- price: 30 EUR

Vipava (w/o "catch and release" part)- fishing is permitted everywhere, except in the C&R part!- price: 30 EUR

Please visit the official website of RD Renče (click here!)

You may buy fishing licences here:

BAR JEZERO Mesarič Majda
Šempas 29
Tel.: (05) 308 85 43

Garni hotel
Bukovica 1
Tel.: (05) 398 54 00

Platana bar
Trg 25

5292 RENČE

Kiosk Kos
Gradišče 5
5292 RENČE
Gsm.: (ves dan): 040 720 776