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Fly fishing ::

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Have you ever wanted to be alone with the nature. To be surrounded just by birds singing, breath of wind, murmur of the creek or silence of the lake surface. Are you curious about the life in the river pools and in lake depths? You cant believe it, but you may discover all that. Begin fly fishing!

Fly fishing is the way of fishing. Fly fisherman tries to catch the fish using artificial fly patterns which look like the real flies (more or less). Fly fishing in Slovenia began around 1920. Since then number of fly fishermen grows constantly. Many of our fly fishing areas promote catch&release. We try our best to maintain natural habitats and conditions for fish. Many efforts are put in preserving the endemic species such as "marble trout"(salmo trutta marmoratus) and "so�a grayling"(thymallus thymallus).

Slovene fly fishermen are also worldwide-known by some unique fly patterns. One of the revolutionary patterns is certainly the "Slovenian Sedge" invented by allround fly fisherman Bo�idar Volj�. This fly belongs to "Seria Slovenica" fly patterns. Seria Slovenica is the name for series of 10 sedges which are most commonly used at the European waters. Next famous fly pattern is "FFF", also known as "Fratnik�s Fly" or "Fratnikova puhovka".

In our waters you will enjoy fly fishing in unspoiled nature. Breathtaking scenery, plenty of fish, spectacular dry- fly fishing...these are the facts. Brown trouts, rainbows, huge marble trouts, chars, brook trouts, beautiful graylings, pikes and trophy "huchos" (hucho hucho). All that is waiting for you! Season for trouts is mostly from March to December, for Hucho Hucho from November to March (only with special licences) and for pikes from May to February...

Although fly fishing requires considerable skill, the tackle is simple and light, allowing the angler to cover great distances searching out fish in wonderful locations. Choosing the correct rod, reel, and line is crucial and it is important that the tackle is always perfectly balanced. Rods and lines #4-7 will do great at most of the fly fishing districts in Slovenia.
Fly fishing is an activity of observation and interpretation. While actually catching fish may be the primary objective, many anglers discover that the most absorbing challenge is finding the right fly, and presenting it in the right way to match the natural prey.

Most common fly patterns are presented at these web pages. You will be successful with them at most of Slovenian rivers and lakes where fly fishing is permitted. So try to tie them before you visit us. But even if you won�t have your own, you will be able to buy them at fly shops in Slovenia.
In Slovenia anglers will enjoy luxurious hotels, private rooms and lodges, excellent meals, and the best slovenian wines. Even a non-angling guests may share the experience. Watersports, rafting (only selected parts of some rivers), canyoning, paragliding, gliding with glider aeroplanes, horse-riding and sightseeing are options for all family members, all day long during the fly fishing season.
So take your time, come and visit us. We promise you that noone will leave our country disappointed. You may get any further information which is not included or found at these pages at our e-mail address. Feel free to contact us! We will try our best to keep you informed and satisfied before, during or after your visit in Slovenia.
And remember...respect nature and everything that is a part of it! Respect fishing rules and keep the evironment clean.

Enjoy your stay!