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Tiers bench ::

by luckyluke print the content item create pdf file of the content item

Welcome to the Tiers bench!

This is the place, where all tutorials for tying fly patterns will be published. By presenting them stage by stage I want to encourage the beginners to start tying and help others to know which flies are useful at the Slovenian fly fishing districts. Due to the time consuming preparation of these tutorials I would like to ask you for your patience. All fly patterns, presented in the tiers bench will be discussed at the forum board, so you may ask me whatever you want or suggest some improvements or ideas to tie better flies.

I wish you a strong threads!

.: Dry flies :.
.: Wet flies :.
.: Nymphs :.
.: Streamers :.
m1.jpg m2.jpg m3.jpg m4.jpg
When there is a hatch of aquatic insects or a fall of terrestrials, the most effective method is to fish a dry fly- usually one imitating what the trout are eating... Selection>
If there is no specific hatch, trouts and graylings are opportunistic feeders and a small wet fly or emerger might be a very effective choice...Selection>
Where the water is fast and rocky, trouts will lie in deeper holes and pockets where the current is less powerful. An effective ploy is to pitch a large weighted nymph into these holding spots allowing it to sink to the bottom... Selection>
To catch a big marble trout in reservoir or deeper rivers, usage of streamers might be the right choice especially when the big trout are feeding on baitfish...Selection>