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Sava Dolinka [RD Jesenice] ::

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Flyfishing season from 01.04. - 30.09.

Sava Dolinka is managed by the Jesenice fishing club. It is a great fly- fishing district which flows through the "Walley of dreams". It is so peaceful and picturesque, that you canĀ“t believe it. Fly- fishermen from around the world come fishing here every single year. River is rich with beautiful brown trouts and rainbows, but in its lower part you may be surprised about the size of the graylings which come mainly from the Sava river. Actually the Sava river becomes a river when both, Sava Bohinjka from one side and Sava Dolinka from another side join into the Sava.

Types of fly-fishing licences:
Daily licence for Sava Dolinka river- from village Kranjska Gora to town Radovljica(confluence with Sava Bohinjka)- PRICE: 20 EUR

You may buy fishing licences here:

Trgovina Fauna Bled
C. svobode 12
4260 Bled
gsm.: 041 633 147