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Reka [RD Ilirska Bistrica] ::

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Flyfishing season from 01.03. - 30.09.

District extends from its source at Dleto (Dletvo) to the entrace into the Škocjanske caves.

Reka river is mostly mixed salmonide-cyprinide flyfishing district, but you will generaly catch trouts only, especially in its middle part, which is really full of nice brownies and hybrids. You will hardly find any rainbows there. Fishing is permitted from the road bridge between Zabiče and Sušak villages, to the entrance at the Škocjanske caves.

Reka river is entirely managed by the Ilirska Bistrica Fishing Club.

Types of fishing licences:
Reka- daily licence (salmonids)- price: 20 EUR

Reka- daily C&R licence (salmonids)- all dictrict I with C&R part included (from the Feznar dam to the Cerkvenikov mill (to the water level measuring device)- price: 20 EUR

Lake Klivnik- daily licence (salmonids)- price: 20 EUR

Please visit the official RD Bistrica website (click here!)

Where to buy fishing licence:
Pod vasjo Soze
Tel.: 05 / 71 45 041
Gsm.: 040/ 609 815

Bess d.o.o.
Tel.: 05 / 71 42 302

Bazoviška 45
Ilirska Bistrica
Tel.: 05 / 71 42 094

Bazoviška 28
Ilirska Bistrica
Tel.: 05 / 71 44 541

Dovgan Zofija
Koseze 8
Ilirska Bistrica
Tel.: 05 / 71 44 210

Boštjančič Emilija
Harije 6
Ilirska Bistrica
Tel.: 05 / 71 56 630

Gostilna Pri Sotlarju
Buje 3a
Vremski Britof
Tel.: 05 76 20 043

Trgovina RAK d.o.o.
Škoflje 25
Vremski Britof
Tel.: 05/ 76 25 211

Gostilna H bar (opening times: 6h-24h, sundays: 10h-24h)
Hrušica 101