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Lake of Bohinj ::

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Flyfishing season from 01.03. - 14.11.

Lake of Bohinj is the largest alpine lake in Slovenia. Its depth is max. 40 meters. You can fish from the boat or from the bank. Lake is inhabited by brown trouts, lake charrs and lake trouts. It is possible to catch really large lake trouts. Lake is managed by the Bohinj fishing club. Around the lake there are many possibilities for any kind of recreational activities (skiing in the winter, horse- riding, climbing, hiking, flying, etc.)

Flyfishing district:

DISTRICT 1- Whole Bohinj lake from Savica river to St. Janez bridge. Fishing is allowed from the boats or from the coast.

The fishing licence without written name, date and district is not valid, and can not be transmitted to another person. It is allowed to fish with one rod and with one natural or artificial lure only. Fishing with alive fish, shell and bone worm is not allowed!

Fishing from bridge is not permitted!

With junior fishing licence it is allowed to fish from the coast only with 9 chubs to take.

Mixed "daily bag" is allowed (e.g. four chars and one brown trout).

Types of fishing licences:

Daily fishing licence for the lake of Bohinj:

Please visit Bohinj fishing club´s official web sites (click here!)

Where to buy fishing licence:
Trgovina Fauna
C. svobode 12
4260 Bled
gsm.: 041 633 147

Penzion Tripič
Triglavska 13
4264 Bohinjska Bistrica
Tel.: + 386 (0)4 572 33 75

Kemična čistilnica in trgovina
Prečna 3
4264 Bohinjska Bistrica
+386 (0)4 572 17 57

Turistična agencija LD turizem
Letoviška 2
4264 Bohinjska Bistrica
+386 (0)4 574 76 00

Turistično društvo Bohinj
Ribčev Laz 48
4265 Bohinjsko jezero
Tel.: +386 (0)4 574 60 10

Penzion Stare
Ukanc 128
4265 Bohinjsko jezero
Tel.: +386 (0)4 572 34 03

Ribčev Laz 51
4265 Bohinjsko jezero
Tel.: +386 (0)4 572 33 75

Turistično podjetje Alpinum d.o.o.
Ribčev Laz 50
4265 Bohinjsko jezero
Tel.: +386 (0)4 577 80 00

ST- Bohinj d.o.o.
Ribčev Laz 41
4265 Bohinjsko jezero
Tel.: 04 572 33 22