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Iščica (ZZRS) ::

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Flyfishing season: 01.03. - 30.11.

Iščica is a very special river. It is a typical chalkstream which runs through the Ljubljansko barje (marsh) near Ljubljana (5km). It is inhabited by all kinds of trout, especially huge browns and graylings also. Evening rise is extremely interesting and dry flies are usually successful all day long. The whole stream is managed by the State´s fisheries research institute.

Types of flyfishing licences:
Iščica- daily licence- price: 29 EUR

Please visit Fisheries institutes official web sites (click here!)

You may buy fishing licences here:

Župančičeva 9
Tel.: 01 244 34 00
Fax: 01 244 34 05

Gostišče Rupert
Ig 162
1292 Ig
Tel.: 01 286 20 76