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Dreta ::

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Flyfishing season: 15.04. - 31.10.

Fishing Club of Mozirje manages the river Savinja from Grušovlje to Letuša and the entire stream of Dreta river. Fishing water are divided in three districts:
  • District Savinja
  • District Dreta
  • District "catch and release" at the part of Savinja in Mozirje

Both rivers are full of trouts and graylings, in the "catch and release" part there are also some trophy ones. In the winter time you may experience fishing for huchos (danubian salmons) also. You may catch these mighty fish using your flyfishing tackle in "catch and release" district! Worth trying...

Dreta is like Savinja one of the most attractive fly- fishing waters in Slovenia. It flows under the Savinjske Alps. It is extremely clean and unspoilt. It is inhabited mainly by brown trouts and rainbows. All 22 km of this beautiful river is managed by the Fishing club of Mozirje.

Types of flyfishing licences:
Daily licence for Dreta river- price: 40 EUR

You may buy fishing licences here:

RD Mozirje
Cesta v gaj 2, 3330 MOZIRJE
Tel.: (03) 839 04 14