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3rd European rod maker meeting
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Monday 14 June 2010 - 06:51:25

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Na mojo elektronsko pošto sta prispela program in vabilo zato vam ju posredujem v vednost.

Če koga zanima kaj več ga prosim, da mi sporoči in se bom pozanimal kje, kako, ....

My name is Gerd-Peter Wieditz. We met in Salzburg 2010

I am organizing the 3rd European rod builder meeting. Many builders from various countries are already coming, and I wondered if you might be interested as well. It will take place in Witten, Germany on October 8,9 and 10, 2010. Cost fort this event, including fare and accomodation are €198. Witten is well connected to the airport in Düsseldorf and/or Dortmund as well as via highway. Please find more information on povezava [link].

I attached a picture of myself to help you remember me, as well as the current program.


Gerd-Peter Wieditz

3rd European rod maker meeting
The preliminary program:

Angela Lenz: Painter of the official „rod builder meeting - picture“ will show it‘s art.

Thomas Allenstein: How I make a wooden planingform

Rainer Jagusch : indroduces his rod desingn program

Christian Meinke: rod building in literature ( books on rodmaking), rod related patents

Mr. Thieß (company Schachttrup): talks about Bamboo

Detlef Müller: shows leatherwork, rod tubes, reel pouches etc

Johann Tremml ( company Ashley ): shows how to use a Tormek (grinding machine ) as well as sharpening plane blades on Belgian Blue whetstones.

Waldemar Nowak: will demonstrate tools fort he production of winding cheksm als he show how to grind lathe tools for wood and metall

Rene Funk: refines with the scrimsshaw method reel seats and fittings

Jörn Niederländer : shows how to bend wood for landingnets with simple tools

Gerd-Peter Wieditz: presents support tools for pruducing reel seat spacer, straightening of blanks

Edgar Lange: shows placement of ferrules on the blank with simple tools from the hardware store

Frank Neunemann, explains the Neunemannoven

Christian Strixner: talks about knotless rods

Ludwig Reim: will be measuring rods, Ludwig has built a new measuring machine

Karl Kohlhund: will performing his planing tool for holowing splines

Bjarne Fries: shows the production of the FIBH sleeve, moderation of talk about actions of split cane rods

Ari te Hart: will present his new reel collection and his new book: A Reel Life- Ari’t Hard
Design ( Author: Klaus Geschwinder )

Uwe Kaptein, masterinstructor FFF, Jürgen Friesenhahn, masterinstructor FFF, Jörg Steimann, Rainer Syre (FFF instruktor ) are at the meeting to refine your casting style if you wish ( Casting Clinic

povezava [link]
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