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[Movie review] The Source: New Zealand
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Wednesday 01 December 2010 - 17:09:05

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The Source: New Zealand

Fly fishing is life and life is fly fishing. This is the key message of the wonderful fly fishing movie masterpiece, produced and directed by Nick Reygaert and the Gin- Clear Media.

I have seen lots of fly fishing movies in the past, but very rarely a movie that combines footage of the top-notch fly fishing action on some of the most beautiful and scenic places in the world, sincere stories about life and fly fishing, told by local trout bums and other fly fishermen, who fell in love with New Zealand, and breathtaking photography of unspoiled nature and wild fish.

Yes, you are right, this movie is about fly fishing the New Zealand´s finest fly fishing districts in the South Island, but for me, it is much more than that. It is a collection of stories, wonderful tales of wonderful people who love fly fishing and live for it. A Viewer can easily identify himself with their persons and stories. It is very interesting that even people who do not have a lot in common with fly fishing can understand everything that is told and are intrigued by the fly fishing story, introduced by the director himself and smoothly continued by his fly fishing mates, all of them great fly fishermen who led us to their favourite fishing spots. It is very well known that New Zealand reigns supreme as the ultimate fly fishing destination, capturing the imagination of anglers across the globe and this wonderful movie confirms that one more time in all its parts.

Besides fly fishing, pureness of unspoiled nature is given the central role of the movie and it could easily be called an "Ode to water, soil and skies". With stunning aerial shots and crystal clear underwater footage, captured using HD cameras, this movie takes the viewing enjoyment to the highest possible level, even for non- fisherman.

But fly fishermen can easily recognize that "touch", which gives that special fly fishing dimension to the movie, which can only be understood by the eclectic and passionate anglers, who share this unique experience of being a part of the purest of nature, surrounded by the birds singing, murmur of the creek and delirious trouts during a blanket hatch or as said by "the visitor" Dax Messett in the movie: "...the game here, that I am talking about encompasses a lot of stuff... It is studying maps, meeting other keen anglers, it is the communities that you are hanging out in, the New Zealand people as a whole, being really welcoming and when I come down here I just kind a feel of going back in time a bit... The fishing is what brings you here, but really it is everything else that goes along with it too... People are awesome, I love mountains, I love wilderness, the wilderness in New Zealand still seems superpure... Being in the wilderness, the smell and the sounds of birds, and you know it was like this two, four hundreds years ago...". He finishes this wonderful chapter of the movie (yes, movie is divided into five chapters: Adventures, Visitors, Trophy Hunters, Locals, The Big Trip) with in my opinion the key sentence, which illustrates the sense of fly fishing: "I don´t need to catch them, but I kind a need to know if they´re there or not... and that´s what draws me into these wilderness rivers".

The Source: New Zealand is a movie about life, friendship, nature, people and... fly fishing which combines all of that. This masterpiece really sets a new benchmark in fly fishing entertainment and is a must have for all fly fishermen. Bravo, Nick & friends, you did an amazing job!

Have I already said that I really love the soundtrack too?

Movie is 61 minutes long plus additional 15 minutes of bonus material.

Tight lines,

p.s.: If you would like to experience New Zealand´s South Island with Nick and his friends, you can buy this DVD- I collect orders at my e-mail address: luka[at], price of one DVD is 29.95 EUR + shipping costs. I am sure it can be a perfect New Year´s gift. It is possible to order larger amounts of DVDs too.

You can also order another great title- The Source: Tasmania at the same price, teaser available here:
povezava [link]

Making of The Source: New Zealand video:

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